The Office for the Protection
of Consumer Rights in Israel
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Over the years, Israeli consumption legislation is improving and evolving. Unfortunately, this can not be said about the awareness and the ability to use these laws by the consumer. The gap between the rights of consumers by law and the information the consumer has about these rights is simply enormous and we face this problem daily in our work. Our Consumer Protection Administration conducts daily struggle against the inequality of financial opportunities between companies and the consumer.

How many times do we encounter a problem during an attempt to unsubscribe from services of different companies, in particular companies providing fixed or cellular services, Internet provider or television, a subscription in a gym or fitness club, various lottery tickets or in dating clubs, courses and mugs . All these transactions are mainly conducted at a distance, when the trader and the consumer do not meet in person. Such transactions are made by phone, the Internet, by mail or fax. Quite often we come across a problem when, in the course of such transactions, the company (merchant) misleads the consumer by providing various "preferential shares", "gift coupons", or urgent discounts.

At us you will find a full translation of the laws on the protection of consumer rights translated into Russian. Most consumers who turn to us for help do not know their rights, since they do not have the language on which laws are described, which makes it impossible to use them. We help to use your rights, not only knowledge of laws, but also an opportunity to defend your rights in court on petty lawsuits.

According to the law on petty lawsuits, lawyers do not have the right to represent your interests, the only thing you will achieve with the help of a lawyer is a one-time letter, which in most cases will cost you more than paying for the services of the company you want to leave.

How is our management different from lawyers?

The Office attracts young and ambitious lawyers who are studying at universities. The thirst for knowledge and the strongest desire to use the letter of the law by purpose, makes the management work not only very effective, but also productive. After all, every future lawyer, treat every case with the strongest zeal and invests in each and every consumer all their ambitions, which brings tremendous results. This approach not only helps to solve the consumer problem, but as experience has shown, it educates future lawyers about the sense of justice and the habit of treating each of their cases with 100% return.

On the site you will find a full translation of the laws on consumer protection. Also you will be able to fill out a complaint form to solve your problem. Ask a lawyer in the section to get advice and get a full answer by e-mail or by phone.